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Blue Flowers

Mural work
in commercial and residential projects.


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Bathroom painting
Agate mural

Tropical Mural in Marlin hotel- South Beach

Underwater depth Mural
Marlin Hotel Miami
Moon mural on a mirror

Anixi NYC

Gold Leaf Mural at Atlas at Roslyn Hotel

Mural at Atlas at Roslyn Hotel

Medusa mural

Mural of Medusa in Noema Huntington

Zeus Mural
Floral ventige mural

Gold leaf and agate crystals mural at Brass Swan at Roslyn

Tbar Manhattan

Ceiling mural and realistic classical oil painting at TBar Manhattan

Vintage mural

Vintage mural in Coletta in Gramercy Nyc

Vida Garden,NJ
Space ceiling mural
Galaxies and Planets mural
Sangria 71- Restaurant Mural Long Island, NY

Fresco mural of the mosaic in Fuel Park of Gaudi in Island Park

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